The thermometer usually ships in 3-5 days.
  • Temperature Range

    -90° to +400°C

    -130° to +752°F

    Resolution Accuracy

    0.1°C, 0.2°F ±0.05% of reading ±0.7°C or 1.3°F. Accuracy is specified for operating ambient temperature of 23°C ±5C

    Cold junction error for thermocouples

    For operating ambient temperature for 0°C to +18°C and +28°C to 50°C, and an additional error of ±0.03°C/per degree C, or ±0.03°F/per degree F. Model ACC-7001H is a high performance, precision handheld instrument for the measurement of temperature using type T thermocouple probes. This versatile instrument measures temperature in both °C and °F. The internal memory of the micro-computer stores the minimum and maximum measured temperature for instant recall via the LCD display.

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