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SIP Tube Valves - BSP Series

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  • The SIPTube is a new development in DIP tube technology. Traditional DIP tube construction is open to the process, allowing process media to partially fill the internals - becoming stagnant and promoting bacteria and biofilm growth. The SIPTube internals are sealed from the process at all times, preventing contamination from stagnant media, biofilm growth, and grow-back. The internal structure of the tube can be CIP’d and SIP’d internally before a sample is taken, allowing the user to capture a representative sample deep within the heart of their process, no longer needing to rely on samples captures along the side of vessels.

      Key Product Features:

      • Cleanable- and Sterilisable In-Place (CIP/SIP) while in operation
      • Install in existing ports
      • Simplistic design for reliability and fast, easy maintenance
      • Body lengths up to 16 inches for sampling deep within the process system
      • Suitable for process inoculating, media feeding and sampling
      • Eliminates dead space found between valve seal and the point of delivery in current inoculation and feed device designs
      •  Sample Certificate 

      •  SIP Tube Valve

      • Video coming soon!

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