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Dome Diaphragm Valve

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  • Carten-Fujikin’s BND series dome diaphragm valves provide a high purity and sanitary environment to protect valuable biologic product, in particular after purification (i.e. chromotography). This is due to minimal product contact with any synthetic polymers, therefore preventing any leaching into the product before vial-filling.

    Electropolished 316L (valve body) and high grade Hastelloy C22 (diaphragm) provide the primary product contact materials of construction, supplemented by a high performance PFA seat insert to provide an internal seal to vacuum level.

    Due to these superior materials of construction the valve assembly can see up to 2m cycles, with the unique internal profiles allowing accurate control for smaller volumes.

    As the Valve structure is constructed from high grade ASTM barstock the unique valve profile and Carten capabilities allow multiple block format configurations, suitable for filling lines and chromotography columns in particular.

    Key BND Series product features include:

    • Flow Capacity suited for Filling Lines
    • Hastelloy C22 diaphragm allows Minimal Polymer Contact Material - Reduced threat of Leachables and Extractables
    • High Durability over 2 million cycles at ambient temperature
    • Gravity Drainable
    • Scalable to Multiport block versions
  •  Sample Certificate 

  •  Dome Diaphragm Valve Brochure

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