Why Gaskets are Like Socks!

Why Gaskets are Like Socks!

As you may have guessed by now, I like a good analogy. . . and what could be easier to understand than socks…They keep our little toes and feet warm, they help keep us clean and protect us from all sorts of nasty little bugs. They help us look cool and not cool! We use them for many occasions and all types of events from sports to business functions. I was on a flight not so long ago and they gave out “happy socks!” I doubt you will ever see professional sports people wearing the wrong socks to their chosen profession, but your process systems constantly “wear the wrong socks on a daily basis.”

But best of all – there are those people who can never remember when they bought their socks and how long they have had them or how many cleaning cycles they have gone through .. I’m guessing that not even the most nerdy of us track this life cycle, and then the killer question – why did you choose those particular socks? Was it price? Style? Functionality?Socks are required to go through many cleaning cycles in their life and still maintain style, warmth and functionality. We all lose a few in the washing machine, but it’s okay since we can just use another odd one to match them up (well, as long as they look roughly the same!) Gee, some people will wear socks so long they are threadbare, and some people just don’t care if theirs have holes in them– they will wear them anyway …

  • But I would also say it’s to protect the product from contamination. What is the reason of a seal? I would say it is to protect the product from contamination.
  • Protect the facility from contamination and down time.
  • Provide a consistent performance to meet the desired needs so that the performance can be measured and expected from for future use/planning.

There you have it a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comparison of socks and gaskets, however, you should never underestimate the level of importance in wearing the right socks !!!           

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