Where to Start and What to Say?

Paul Murphy


Not something I usually suffer with, however, apparently having to write it down scares the living daylights out of me!

As Pure Transfer grows and develops, I am being asked more & more to write some content for our blog (who ever knew that writing “for a blog” could become so instrumental in business)!

So over the coming weeks/months this is exactly what I will be doing... I really need a few things to make this happen: spell check/Grammarly so our team can understand it. Our team to translate it so you can understand it. I have learned over the years that predictive text and my dyslexia do not go together very well... It's led to a few very embarrassing/awkward meetings in the past!

Please stay tuned and who knows you may learn a few new words and gain some additional technical knowledge.

Cheers, Paul

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