Overcoming Sanitary “Gasket-Size-O-Lingo”

Unless you are a master of the ancient art of ‘Gasket-Size-O-Lingo’, then this article may prove useful in helping you understand a little more about sanitary gaskets. (BTW if you are a master of ‘Gasket-Size-O-Lingo’, can you send me a copy of the course-work please? I seem to have mislaid my scriptures…)

Ordering anything in life can be stressful, no matter what is required, or where you are ordering from. Whether it be ordering from the comfort of your own home, business premises or on the go. If you’ve been to McDonald’s lately and had to navigate their DIY ordering system you will know what I mean. The anticipation kills me every time, trying to make sure I’ve got the right order as getting it wrong is simply too much to bear! (Because if it’s wrong, I will then have to queue up with the rest of us technophobes and confess that I can’t even use the menu that’s been specifically designed to help people just like me…)

Ok so what my point?

Let’s imagine you urgently need to purchase a “load” of 1” white gaskets. Sound you got this. I hear you say, “No problems.”  But, depending on your age, rank within the establishment and urgency required, a number of things could/will happen:

  • You forward it on to the Purchasing Department after you have filled out all your internal requisition sheets and await it to land on your desk.
  • You fill out all the requisition forms yourself as you have elevated yourself from mere

mortal to god-like status which allows you to purchase directly with your vendor.

  • You go online and order it directly using the company credit card and fill in all the necessary forms once the 1” gaskets land.

“Piece of cake” I hear you say, I thought you were going to educate us? Well, based on the above actually happening I would say your chance of success would be largely ZERO … and here’s why:

What is a 1” gasket? And where does the size 1” come from? What has your customer/colleague actually measured?

And a gasket with a 1”(ish) OD has a ton of dimensional cousins!!!

The interpretation of your PO will therefore decide on what you get. You could get a few emails, a number of phone calls, or you could be supplied with the wrong size gasket and don’t even get me started on the material!

So, if a 1” sanitary ferrule has an OD of 2” and ID 0.9”, how many people would consider it to be a 2” ferrule?!

Confused? Good, as it means you’ve been paying attention!  

For those of you who like pictures in books like I do, please check out our illustrated “technicolour” Tri-Clamp Sizing Guide to help with this task.  

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